Crisis and Conflict Management

Digital communication age, media literacy (media use), intercultural competence, social media and privacy. This is a selection of essential keywords to keep in mind when talking about digital communication these days. 25 years ago, everything was different because things don’t happen as fast in real life as they do in virtual life.

Today, relationships are under stress. This also means that crisis management starts with prevention in the virtual world. Here, this means internal communication, internal training, internal preparation for media use, the development of media literacy for every employee and manager. The team should be proactive and at the same time ready to react quickly and prevent any moment of misunderstanding caused by “fake news” or company mistakes, for example.

The problem is to be solved as soon as it arises. This is a challenge and it makes our lives as crisis managers:inside more difficult and at the same time more challenging. The digital footprints can be used against everyone. Everyone must be prepared to strive for a credible relationship with stakeholders.

I consider further training to be an important topic in the context of crisis management. For example, media training for spokespersons and employees. When employees are active on social media, it is necessary to think and talk about privacy and alignment with corporate strategies.

The best way for the company to show stakeholders how it works is to open its doors to welcome the press, researchers and communities. It is also advisable to build such communities.

My motto is that performance is not about the success of one individual, but about the interconnectedness of many sides. This is what I believe in when I work on crisis management.

My expertise

  • Crisis management in the prevention process
  • Building internal trust as a process
  • Understanding and structuring communication with stakeholders
  • Community building – developing strategic relationships with stakeholders
  • Developing internal training for crisis situations

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