Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Management (D&I for short) deals with the handling of diversity and heterogeneity of employees in a company. This important task is to use the positive aspects of diversity and to avoid discrimination and subgrouping.

Effective D&I distinguishes between different dimensions of diversity. It should be noted that, on the one hand, aspects such as gender, age, disability, nationality and ethnic origin and, on the other hand, experience-related aspects such as professional competence, education and experience abroad have a different impact on performance on individual teams and the company as a whole.

The management of D&I aims to better understand these unique dynamics, because inclusion can only happen on the basis of a better understanding. This requires a corresponding learning process to avoid discrimination by dealing with complexity and with stereotypes, as communication references. Diversity is a great opportunity for the company and its employees. But only by taking individual differences into account and promoting a holistic corporate culture can these potentials be tapped.

My expertise

  • Conflict prevention through education
  • Creating added value through diversity
  • Counteracting discrimination
  • Optimising teamwork by integrating diversity

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