In addition to workshops, I also offer keynote presentations and papers on the topics of intercultural communication, conflict and crisis management.

Duration: 20/40/60/90 minutes
Languages: German / English / Portuguese / Spanish
Delivery method : Online or offline on site
Target group: Managers and professionals and anyone who has to do with the topic and would like to get to grips with my method.


Management between cultures

Understanding between different cultures can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. But how does building binational relationships on the individual level work with curiosity? How can the potentials of multicultural teams be used in leadership and cooperation? This keynote creates added value for the individuals, the teams and the company. As a Brazilian and a naturalised Swiss with over 25 years of experience and study background in Brazil, Vienna and Switzerland, research work in Bosnia and lecture work in the USA, I have the scientific background and the practical tools in equal measure. I bring stories from everyday intercultural professional life that touch, inspire and sensitise.

The path from crisis to communication

In a crisis situation, establishing and maintaining communication skills is the key strategic tool for improving future potential. Why do common theories and models fail in practice? How can the communication relationship communicator / recipient be transformed into a dialogue, between management and employees, the organisation and customers/stakeholders, but also in relation to the media? In this keynote, I will use use cases from various industries to illustrate how crisis can be prevented, potential can be used and trust can be strengthened during change processes.

The Brazilian Way to Smile – Brazilian Development Aid for Europe

In the eyes of European observers, Brazil may appear to be a country in need of help. In this presentation, I explain what we can learn from Brazil in terms of communication, leadership and conflict management in the world of work. This positive and inspiring presentation challenges old patterns and provides the audience with the tools to quickly create a sense of achievement and visible change.

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