Mediation is a method of conflict resolution by means of a structured procedure for the constructive handling and settlement of a conflict. Mediation has established itself worldwide as one of the most successful and cost-effective conflict resolution and conflict management methods as an alternative to legal action.

Promoting dialogue, developing communicative competence and understanding intercultural differences and similarities. These are keywords of my guiding principles in life and work. If they appeal to you, I would like to get to know you.


  • Supporting the conflict parties in reaching a consensual agreement that takes into account the needs and interests of both conflict parties.
  • Accompaniment and support of the negotiation process as a neutral person
  • Monitoring of a transparent, fair and efficient mediation process, independent of interests.
  • Achieving the best possible win-win situation
  • Drawing up a jointly developed convention
  • Keynotes: intercultural competences in mediations, in negotiations, in conflict management
  • Mediations: binational couples, business (negotiation) employee conflicts, leadership conflicts
  • Working in partnership with lawyers; NGOs, associations as additional services for their clients or members

My areas of application

Work and team:

  • Team conflicts between individuals or in departments
  • Accusations of bullying
  • Conflicts between superiors and employees
  • Conflicts in the academic field
  • Disagreements and conflicts between organisation and employees
  • False accusations or threatened dismissal

Intercultural context:

  • all conflicts that may arise due to living and working together or the different understanding of different and or similar cultural groups.
  • Conflict prevention and conflict management in the workplace
  • Support for multicultural families and bi-national couples

Business and workplace conflict management:

  • Disagreements between contractual partners regarding deadlines, payments, cooperation, quality, correspondence, etc.
  • Conflicts between business partners
  • Support and mediation in mergers/acquisitions
  • Accompanying and motivating change processes

Your benefit

  • Avoidance of costly disputes, especially legal disputes.
  • Great influence of the parties on the outcome.
  • Usually shorter and less costly than court proceedings.
  • If successful, good results on the substantive level and improvement of the relationship between the conflict parties.


  • Experience in the sectors
  • SMEs
  • Educational institutions
  • Transport companies
  • Public transport
  • Financial institutions


The fee is based on the time spent on the assignment and any necessary expenses associated with it. I will be happy to provide you with a quote upon request.

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