I have been heavily involved in the community building concept for self-organisation and reconstruction of destroyed societies and have been investigating how far media can contribute to self-organisation and reconstruction of a community. The focus of my work is on the importance of community building and the phases of the emergence of communities. On the one hand, community building is part of the self-organisation and reconstruction of communication structures in societies (e.g. war zones). On the other hand, communication as an important component of community building is a prerequisite for the emergence of a community. Media can be a means for self-organisation and community rebuilding.

Journalism is undoubtedly a question between complaisance and credibility. My research focuses on communication theory in relation to journalism and the problem lies between the tendency to favour and the concern for credibility. It is about how journalism theory affects the relationship between complaisance and credibility, how it is understood and the role of the concept of complexity in this context. They therefore offer the academic community a reflection and stimulation on the communication processes aimed at generating knowledge in which journalism research is understood differently: Performance is not focused on the success of a single hand, but on the interconnectedness of many sides.


  • Expert opinions on scientific papers
  • Coach PhD students
  • Module development for universities
  • Concept development, expansion and rethinking of educational programmes (private companies and educational institutions)
  • Lecturer


  • Communication Psychology
  • Digital Communication
  • Crisis management
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Journalism Research
  • Development of media skills
  • PR and Organisational Communication
  • Social Responsibility Project Development
  • Method


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