Conflict management and intercultural communication

Understanding between cultures can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. But how does building binational relationships work at the individual level? How can the potential of multicultural teams be used in leadership and cooperation? Participants deal with the topics of intercultural communication and conflict management both theoretically and practically and gain added value for themselves as individuals, for cooperation in the team and in relation to the entire company and its stakeholders.

Duration: 2.5 – 4 hours
Languages: German / English / Portuguese / Spanish
Delivery method : Online or offline on site
Target group: Managers and professionals and anyone who has to do with the topic and would like to get to grips with my method.


My tailor-made programme is suitable for both managers and employees who have to deal with conflict situations on a daily basis. The thesis in the background is that the development of intercultural communicative competences promotes dialogue or mutual respect and can effectively contribute to conflict resolution.

In this compact interactive thinking workshop, I will lead the topic of conflict management with the aim of offering the participants practical contributions to the discussion so that they can deal with it and at the end take something away with them that they can immediately implement in their everyday lives. Why are there conflicts? Because, among other things, we are different or similar people. In this sense, I make the group aware cooperatively and in joint work that many conflicts can be brought under control before they escalate.


Intercultural communication and conflict management. Why do adults who are well to very well educated and whose psychological, safety, social and individual needs are met nevertheless constantly get into conflicts? How should one deal with these situations?

Learning goals

Get to know the prerequisites and practical recommendations on how to communicate interculturally. What are the most important inner attitudes for this and principles for successful conflict management.


As a Brazilian and naturalised Swiss with over 25 years of experience and study background in Brazil, Vienna and Switzerland, research work in Bosnia and lecture work in the USA, I have the scientific background and practical tools in equal measure. I bring stories from everyday intercultural professional life that touch, inspire and sensitise.

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